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We support biogenic emitters in setting up carbon removal projects.

Our #1 priority is providing project development support to biogenic emitters to get projects off the ground. We work with partners across the capture, transport and storage value chain to ensure smooth operation.


Regionalwerke Baden: Our very first project, the largest BECCS project in Switzerland to date

CO2 Energie AG, the project developer Airfix, the climate company South Pole and capture pioneers Carbon Impact have started a ground-breaking project for CO₂ capture and geological storage. The project is set to become the largest of its kind in Switzerland to date with 21,800 tonnes of CO₂ to be removed over five years. The Swiss Climate Cent Foundation (Stiftung Klimarappen) will guarantee the purchase of CO₂ certificates from this project for an initial value of CHF 10 million until 2030.

CO2 Energie AG is planning to install a system that captures and liquefies CO₂ at a biogas plant close to Zurich. This will involve the annual capture and subsequent conversion of over 4,300 tonnes of CO₂ emissions directly at their point of origin.

After capture, the liquefied CO₂ is transported to a geological storage site in northern Europe by truck, train and ship, where it can be stored permanently.

Specialising in the coordination and grouping of services for CO₂ transport and CO₂ storage, Airfix plays a key role in ensuring that the CO₂ supply chain runs smoothly.

This pioneering project in negative emissions technologies (NETs) marks a first step for Airfix and South Pole in their vision of creating a market for negative emissions from Biomass and scaling it using innovative climate financing. Thanks to its foothold in the biogas and energy market, CO2 Energie AG is a strong partner for advancing NET projects.

The complete capture and liquefaction system is expected to be operational by the end of 2025. This marks an important milestone in the implementation of the project.

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