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Airfix, a new subsidiary of South Pole, combines decades of climate finance and carbon project development expertise with a vision for a scalable Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage (BiCRS) market in Europe.


Airfix is the result of an initiative to find solutions to accelerating the emergence of BiCRS projects. While the initial hypothesis identified a lack of available equity as the main challenge, the team quickly realised that challenges along the value chain – including a lack of easy and economic transport options, as well as the limited demand in the voluntary market – are equally important obstacles.

We collaborate closely with South Pole’s carbon removal initiatives
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Creating a BiCRS market at scale requires unlocking sales in the voluntary market as a catalyst for projects to start up. However, government support and suitable regulations need to be put in place at the same time. An essential part of our work includes advocacy. We consider our work with associations and non-governmental organisations as an important element to accelerate market build-up.

The Airfix team works to simplify and de-risk the value chain for emitters, providing sufficient investment security to invest in carbon capture and liquefaction infrastructure. We collaborate closely with South Pole’s carbon removal initiatives, such as the CCS+ initiative, DemoUpCARMA and the NextGen CDR Facility.

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We are working on ground-breaking public-private partnerships to make BiCRS a reality. The first project supported by Airfix is the largest BiCRS project in Switzerland to date, delivering 21,800 tCO₂ of removals in five years. CO2 Energie AG will install a capture and liquefaction system on a biogas plant close to Zurich. Airfix plays a key role in ensuring that the CO₂ supply chain runs smoothly. The project – expected to be operational in 2025 – received a CHF 10 million guarantee from the Climate Cent Foundation.

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Airfix is enabled by the Migros Pioneer Fund.

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